At i-Centrum, we focus on CRM, Customer Relationship Management. The term as such is very extensive, and includes many processes. But really it’s very easy to always think “the customer in the center”. Assuming that perspective, we believe that there is a greater chance of success, in an increasingly tougher world where competition is harsher.

Everyone that works at i-centrum has a long and solid experience within CRM and beyond. Today we are 11 people spread out in the office in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

We work with both large and small customers, usually the larger clients involves more system integrations. Our starting point is CRM, and we would like to take leverage based on that concept. This means that we are happy to be involved in and develop our customers in areas concerning sales, marketing and customer service/support. That does not mean that we only focus on areas concerning CRM system, we also provide expertis around everything next to it.