Access 40 million companies and business decision makers directly from your SuperOffice CRM with one click!

Download Accounts, Contacts and Leads from 21 European Companies

Bisnode Business Contacts is a shortcut to fresh information in your CRM system and enables you to update your own customer records as well as to find new potential customers all in a matter of seconds. You can even automate the update routine to maintain high quality data.

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The business world is ever changing. Therefore, maintaining high quality customer data is a never-ending challenge for all businesses.

Almost 40% of the contact information in the average company’s database contains incorrect and unreliable information.

Bisnode Business Contacts supplies continuously updated contact information about 40 million business contacts throughout Europe directly to your CRM system.

This database has the width and depth to reach even the most niche target audiences.

Two main services in this app!

Download new entities:
You can search and download information about companies, company worksaites or decision makers directly into your SuperOffice CRM.

Subscribe for automatic updates of companies and contacts:
Let the app automatically update your existing data whenever new information comes into the Bisnode database. You pay once per month for unlimited updates per entity.

The more you use this app the cheaper it gets. See the pricing table at the bottom of this page.

Smooth and easy to use app

Integrates directly to your SuperOffice CRM. No working in two different tools.

Bisnode business contacts for SuperOffice

Make advaced searches for specific prospecting

Advanced searching

Easily create and save selections of leads and prospects you find

Add to selections

By making advanced seraches in Bisnode Business Contacts you effectivise your search for leads and prospekts.

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The price per user per month is starting at €10 and goes down to €5 depending on the number of users.

And for each downloaded ID/entity it starts at €0,240 down to €0,072 depending on the number of entities.
Please see pricing table and terms below.

Prices in euro bisnode business contacts

Pricing details:

  • The volume discount is applied for each step in the volume-based pricing model. Meaning that if you download 13 000 entities (IDs), the discount for the first 5000 is 0%, for the next 5000 it’s 10%, for the last 3000 the discount is 20%. Discount is based on the volumes for each service during the 25th-24th each month.
  • When you ask for changes and/or download previously downloaded entities (ID:s), you will be charged the lower subscription price. The subscription price is the same regardless if you ask for changes each day or once a month, we don’t charge more for keeping the data better updated!
  • Monthly invoicing is based on the period of the 25th of the month to the 24th of the month after.
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