We help you and your business adapt and improve your CRM processes.
By identifying and implementing the right tools and solutions we will help you power up your CRM processes. Regardless if you need to develop custom solutions, assume an end to end project management role or secure a long term partnership for continuous CRM development.

Digital Marketing

How can marketing and sales align themselves to work more closely as a team? We help you identify and utilize the right tools to create a buzz and generate relevant leads externally while guiding you in how to streamline and integrate your processes internally so you can effectively evaluate created leads and give the right person responsibility to drive the opportunity forward.

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Sales are the backbone of any business, and also the most difficult one to master from a CRM perspective. Complex processes often lead to poor routines and a decreased CRM usage. Through extensive experience and understanding of the complete sale cycle, aided by standard applications and customer tailored solutions we can work with you to help shorten the sales cycle, increase your hit-rate and ensure you always hit your budget.

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Customer Service

At the foundation of any strong brand sits a well operated Customer Service platform – quick response times, shorter ticket handling processes and simple lines of communication leads to improved customer relations. A smooth customer experience generally requires a complex setup in the back end – a key aspect of the i-Centrum offering. We are experts at setting up processes and selecting the right tools to ensure a seamless customer relations experience!

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Business Intelligence

Long term success is based on the ability to analyse your business today to ensure you can make informed decisions tomorrow.
By helping you select the right partners and implement the most relevant tools we will help you achieve a complete overview of your business data, identify and take action on your KPI’s and make it possible to make data driven decisions. You already have the data – we ensure you can translate it into something actionable to base your decisions on.

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