i-Centrum works with several partners. Within CRM, we are partners with SuperOffice and Caesar, A European leading CRM suppliers. We also work with GetAccept and iZwop to enchance the CRM functionality. In the area of SMART data / decision support we work mainly with world-leading Dun & Bradstreet and Bisnode. In BI / decision support we work with Qlik.

CRM och SaleSupport


Caesar CRM is a large and flexible CRM platform.

Caesar CRM

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 SuperOffice focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

Track, Engage & E-SIGN to accelarate your sales


iZwop – It´s never been easier to share your business card


SMART data / BI

Business critical data is a very important component of CRM. With this, you can create the basis for better decisions, in the right time. To make this possible, we are partners with Dun & Bradstreet / Bisnode who are leading in the field. We want to help our customers deliver SMART data, in different decision situations, to enable users to make as smart and effective decisions as possible.

Leading decision support in the Nordic region. Bisnode owns a lot of brands and solutions, all of which aim to give you better knowledge for your decisions.
World leading decision support. Dun & Bradstreet have data to more then 230 miljon companies around the globe.
A tool that connects your business with either Dun & Bradstreet or Bisnode. It is a platform to integrate business critical data to your users.

Business Intelligence and analytics

i-Centrum likes BI – Business Intelligence. We believe that analysis is a prerequisite for making the right decisions. For us, BI is not about historical analysis, we’re happy to mix it with the concept of “SMART” data. Reconciling right sources, and the right data with tools that simplify analysis and decision making visually adds an unprecedented improvement in decision making, it creates new insights.

Business Analyze AS is a SaaS business analytics platform provider that helps B2B organizations with fast and effective business analytic solutions across Europe.

By combining of data analytics and visualization technology from Business Analyze with our consulting expertise, we are able to offer increased value to our current customers and growth-seeking B2B organizations.

Custom solutions

Sometimes our customers needs something special, we built alot of different types of analytics, like wallboards etc.