Activity Board – planning & project managing in SuperOffice

About this app

ActivityBoard for SuperOffice is a tool for visualizing your activities in a new and different way.. It helps you simplify the way you work with projects in SuperOffice.

It provides you with an instant overview of your projects and your own and your co-workers project related activities. This lets you see who is responsible, and when activities should be done!

By using ActivityBoard, you are skipping the need of external tools and avoiding jumping around your CRM to manage your own and your team’s tasks.

This helps you save time, increase your productivity and gain better control of your projects so you can deliver on time.

Key features

  • Get an immediate overview on all open projects.
  • With one click, list all the projects that you are the owner or member of.
  • View all activities of a project in a Kanban board, accessed from a web panel in the project card.

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Get a better overview and control of your projects with a Kanban board in SuperOffice