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We are currently working on developing an application that enables the import of company information into your CRM. With Business Contacts, you can easily search companies by name, address, job titles etc, and get relevant hits that you can then use in your CRM network. The idea of Business Contacts is that you as a user will always keep up to date with the latest company information.

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Business contacts för SuperOffice

We at i-centrum like SMART data, we’ve been working with different “data intelligence” for ever, and we try to make it easier for users to make quick and accurate decisions. We are therefore very proud that we can now offer a link to Europe’s largest provider in the area, business contacts from Bisnode.

Information about companies and their decision makers

A search in Bisnode Business Contacts immediately informs you about a company’s data, ex phone number, industry code, company size, address, number of workplaces, name of executives/decision makers that you can choose to import into your CRM system.

Selection / prospecting function

In Business Contacts for SuperOffice, you can prospect in fields such as Industry, Geography or Legal, and then import the results into your CRM system.

Example of selection parameters:

  • Adress data
  • industry
  • Number of employees
  • Job title
  • Revenue

Real-time sync

In the solution there is an opportunity to monitor the downloaded and matched companies and contacts. This means that you can choose whether you want automatic updates or you want to manually administer it.


i-centrum has long been a partner with Bisnode. Lately we have spent alot of time to work through GDPR. It is important for both of our customers to feel confident that the data provided by Bisnode Business Contacts also corresponds to the EU’s forthcoming GDPR regulation. In addition, we believe that a service like this can in many ways be very necessary to control your data. GDPR will put strict demands on how you process and save personal data. If you then use a service to the CRM system, the control and source of data increases.

The link to Business contacts will also have features to easily handle the requirements that may come via GDPR. Clear logs, ability to view history, manage deletion and, above all, data saved in a way that the CRM system requires for managing GDPR right.

We will continuously update our products with more details about GDPR, because it is very important to us.

read more at bisnodes homepage: