LeadFeeder integration to SuperOffice

LeadFeeder gives you the opportunity to identify website visitors without requiring the customer to fill in a website form.

By inserting a short code into your website, you will have the ability to identify which customers have visited your website. Using a series of filters, you can automate qualifying relevant leads and based on the rules and parameters you have defined.

Our integration allows you to see all their information directly in SuperOffice where you can easily choose to add or update company cards and notify the owner of the lead to take action.

Key Functionality

  • Identify which companies have visited your website without the need for forms
  • Identify specifically which pages customers have visited, the time stamp for the visit, and information about the company
  • Opportunity to see how the customer navigated around on your website to ensure a more qualitative qualification
  • Create and update customer cards in SuperOffice
  • Notify company card owner to take action when necessary