The latest iteration of i-Centrum’s hugely successful pipeline overview tool for SuperOffice based on the Kanban scheduling principle – Salesboard 2.0 – has been released.

When scheduling your tasks for the day – you prefer to map out your appointments on a calendar instead of reading them from a list. This is the core idea of the Salesboard – instead of sitting with a list in SuperOffice of your open opportunities – why not map them out on a “calendar” based on sale stage like you do with your appointments?

Salesboard provides you a complete overview of your sales pipe in SuperOffice from an all-in-one interface. You will get the “Trello experince” in SuperOffice to view and update all your sales on an interactive Kanban style board directly in your CRM.

Since its release, Salesboard has been the perfect tool to complement your sales process and provide a comprehensive pipeline overview, and now it’s getting even better.

So, what is new?

Our main focus with this version was the interface and structure. Salesboard 2.0 is built on a new platform that provides major potential for building new features and taking on more customer wishes.

Another area that we focused on in the 2.0 version was the interface. Users now will experience a new and responsive interface with improved performance.

What to expect in the future?

Our customer centric mentality at i-Centrum means that we strive to develop our products with the customer needs in mind, and we have already received several wishes for new features that are scheduled for release in the future.

If you are already using Salesboard and have any wishes on features you would like to see in Salesboard, make sure to let us know about them so we keep developing and delivering a relevant and easy to use sales tool for our customers.

To celebrate the release of Salesboard 2.0 we would like to offer all new customers an extended monthlong trial from the prior two weeks and a 30% discount for the first year.