Epicor iScala

By integrating SuperOffice with iScala, it is possible to use relevant information so that the user does not have to switch between the respective systems. Customers processed in SuperOffice are easily synced to iScala so that the correct information is available for invoicing. When the invoice is then sent to the customer, a copy to SuperOffice is also synced, which is then displayed on each customer card. To get a better overview in SuperOffice, it is possible to create views of virtually any information from iScala that is then displayed on tabs in the solution. Examples of views can be an overview of invoicing, order backlog, machine park, item history, etc.

Key features

  • Sync/Customer transfer, transfer of customers from SuperOffice to iScala

  • Exchange/Data from iScala, set of views in the iScala database which are then displayed in SuperOffice

  • Documents from iScala to SuperOffice

  • Lookup function in iScala that retrieves data related to contacts in SuperOffice

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Customer transfer SuperOffice to Epicore iScala

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