About us


We at i-Centrum know how important the customer journey is to create satisfied customers. That is why we work with all CRM parts linked to the customer journey, from marketing and sales to customer service. Here, the customer is always in the center, regardless of which part of the customer journey the customer is in. We always work according to the motto: Smart & Simple

This is us

i-Centrum is a forward-leaning company with 20 consultants, of which 12 are developers. We are all passionate about CRM and related issues. We are flexible, prone to solutions and work agile in our deliveries. We have offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Umeå.

Our employees

Filip Vanthöm
Filip VanthömCRM consultant
Gunnar Stensby
Gunnar StensbyDeveloper
Pär Pettersson
Pär PetterssonDeveloper
Ludwig Kleiser
Ludwig KleiserDeveloper
Maria Ögren
Maria ÖgrenCRM consultant
Andreas Bergstrand
Andreas BergstrandDeveloper
Fredrik Bailey
Fredrik BaileyCRM consultant
Samuel Wikberger
Samuel WikbergerDeveloper
Mikael Wingård
Mikael WingårdDeveloper
Marcus Kondén
Marcus KondénCRM consultant
Hampus Fältström
Hampus FältströmDeveloper
Alexander Lövdahl
Alexander LövdahlDeveloper
Kristoffer Johansson
Kristoffer JohanssonDeveloper
Maxim Mozaffari
Maxim MozaffariDeveloper
Lovisa Karlsson
Lovisa KarlssonDeveloper
Jessica Rindebro
Jessica RindebroCRM consultant

Our partners


Östrahamngatan 52
411 09 Göteborg


Dalagatan 5
111 23 Stockholm


Kylgränd 64
906 24 Umeå