HubSpotintegration to SuperOffice

Through a two-way sync between HubSpot and SuperOffice CRM you ensure a higher degree of control over your customers buying journey. Marketing will receive clearer information about existing customers and sales will have new leads automatically registered in SuperOffice. Easily define what is a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and create automatic notifications such as activities and e-mails to sales reps based on HubSpot data. Generate interests on contact card in SuperOffice when certain events are triggered – such as a person signing up to a news letter or completing a survey.

  • Choose settings on a HubSpot form to update relevant data in SuperOffice
  • Generate workflows that trigger different events based on customer actions
  • Either through manual or automated approval generate new contact cards in SuperOffice
  • Choose selections for automatic sync from SuperOffice to HubSpot and let the integration update the contacts and lists in Hubspot

  • Do campaigns in Hubspot, let them populate projects in SuperOffice!


  • Hubspot for SuperOffice

Gain controll of the entire customer journey

HubSpotintegration to SuperOffice!


  • The app is automatically added to SuperOffice CRM
  • Next time you log in to SuperOffice CRM Online, the ActivityBoard navigator button and web panels will be available and ready to use
  • This app is priced at €7 per user per month
  • The number of users for this app is independent of the number of your users for SuperOffice CRM Online
  • Payment is made by invoice, with a 12-month subscription in advance
  • You agree to our general privacy terms on this page: i-Centrum Privacy
  • All SuperOffice user plans.
  • i-Centrum will store information about your SuperOffice online account to be able to send an invoice.
  •  We will store the SuperOffice user_id for each user that uses the app.