Map4You gives you a geographical view of your SuperOffice CRM data. Use it to transform ordinary lists of data into powerful map tools. Increase the activity levels in the sales team by making it easier to plan and structure how visits are booked and attended.

Use the app to “expose” specific regions where you want to find new prospects or manage an event. Together with your SuperOffice CRM data, Map4You will provide you with companies to target and invite. Combine Map4You with SuperOffice CRM selections to get new insights that let you plan better. For example, create selections for key customers or those that have not had a visit for some time. Show these on a map, and you have a powerful tool to plan your next route.

Map4You creates opportunities for you to:

  • See how companies are spread out geographically
  • Find the best route directions for a specific meeting
  • See potential companies to meet

Key features

  • See how companies are spread out geographically
  • See potential companies to meet


  • See the number of customers in a specific town
  • Find the best route directions for a specific meeting
  • See how customers are categorized

Geografisk överblick av dina kunder


  • The app is automatically added to SuperOffice CRM
  • Next time you log in to SuperOffice CRM Online, the ActivityBoard navigator button and web panels will be available and ready to use
  • The subscription for Map4You Pro is priced at €2 per user per month.*
  • Map4You Free is free forever.
  • The number of users for this app is independent of the number of your users for SuperOffice CRM Online
  • Payment is made by invoice, with a 12-month subscription in advance
  • You agree to our general privacy terms on this page: i-Centrum Privacy

*Price per user per month is subject to change as we (i-Centrum) are still in the phase of evaluating the pricing. If any price changes occur you will be notified with a new proposal.

  • All SuperOffice user plans.
  • i-Centrum will store information about your SuperOffice online account to be able to send an invoice.
  •  We will store the SuperOffice user_id for each user that uses the app.