Our vison for Quote Management (QM) is to simplify the quote process, contracts, and order management. When your needs for order and quotation management are greater than what SuperOffice standard can support, QM will be able to help you.

A flexible platform with SuperOffice functionalities as starting point including possibilities for customizations. We use the same fields, lists, etc. that SuperOffice standard uses but with our own structure, interface, and customizations to be able to produce more advanced quotes.


Key features

  • Supports individual or grouped products.

  • Set different address, i.e., delivery and invoice.

  • Ability to use several financial partners to calculate monthly price.

  • Possibility to change the order on a recurring sale when the contract time is due.

  • Ability to ad different types of discounts on orders.

  • Get an overview on order statistics.

  • Possibility to set up specific rules and terms related to the order placement.

  • Make it clear with colors whether a deal or individual rows are good or bad.

  • Build a library of descriptions and text that the users can use.

  • QM dashboards
  • Text and terms

Order & Quote Management

QuoteManagement !