Salesboard gives you full control over your pipe by visualising your open opportunities on a Kanban board. You never have to leave the interface to create, update, and filter your sales.

Key features

  • Kanban board

  • Drag and drop between sales stages
  • Color coding for better overview
  • Sales auto sorted by age – oldest always at the top
  • Easy to create new and update existing sales
  • Pipeline history to show how long opportunities have been in each phase
  • Management View ger säljchefen överblick över säljare och säljgruppers försäljningar

“You made it so simple to overview the offers so there is no excuse for not following up”

Mads Peter Poulsen, A/S A.P.Botved

“So, if you want to visualize your sale success – then it’s time to give Salesboard a try and enjoy an intuitive system that helps you plan and advance in your sales!“


“Salesboard is saving us a lot of time and helping our sales reps keeping track of sales, and not miss out on a deadline.”

Mattias Bäckström, Head of sales - Frontit AB

Gain control of your salespipe


A snapshot of your open opportunities on a Kanban board makes it easy to:

  • Quickly filter opportunities using dynamic date ranges to focus on those that are relevant
  • Keep your pipeline up to date
  • Improve your hit rate
  • See how many days since sale was created and how long it has been in each phase
  • Currency conversion
  • Use management view to group sales based on users and user groups

  • 14 days free trial – No contract and no obligations. 
  • When your trial period is over your Salesboard will inactivate unless you start a paid subscription. 
  • The app is automatically added to SuperOffice
  • Next time you log in to SuperOffice CRM Online, the Salesboard navigator button and web panels will be available and ready to use
  • This Salesboard app is priced at €5 per user per month
  • Management view is an add-on and costs another €4 per user per month
  • Payment is made by invoice, with a 12-month subscription in advance
  • You agree to our general privacy terms on this page: i-Centrum Privacy
  • Active subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online
  • This app requires the SuperOffice CRM user to have access to the Sales screen in SuperOffice (sales or complete user plan) 
  • i-Centrum will store information about your SuperOffice online account to be able to send an invoice.
  •  We will store the SuperOffice user_id for each user that uses the app.