Salesboard gives you full control over your pipe by gathering and visualizing your business opportunities on a Kanban board. You never have to leave the interface to create, update and filter your sales. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to keep your pipe up to date.

In Salesboard, you can also set a budget so that you can follow your or your group’s sale outcome against the set budget.


  • Kanban board

  • Drag and drop

  • Sales budget

  • Management View gives an overview of all sales

  • Create new and update existing sales

  • Pipeline history 

Mads A/S A.P.Botved

“You made it so simple to overview the offers so there is no excuse for not following up”

Mads Peter Poulsen, A/S A.P.Botved
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“So, if you want to visualize your sale success – then it’s time to give Salesboard a try and enjoy an intuitive system that helps you plan and advance in your sales!“

Head of sales - Frontit AB

“Salesboard is saving us a lot of time and helping our sales reps keeping track of sales, and not miss out on a deadline.”

Mattias Bäckström, Head of sales - Frontit AB

Gain control of your salepipe


A snapshot of your open opportunities on a Kanban board makes it easy to:

  • Quickly filter opportunities using dynamic date ranges to focus on those that are relevant
  • Keep your pipeline up to date
  • Improve your hit rate
  • See how many days since sale was created and how long it has been in each phase
  • Currency conversion – show opportunity value in system currency regardless of which currency it is registerd in
  • Use management view to group sales based on users and user groups

  • 14 days free trial
  • When the trial period ends, Salesboard will be disabled if you do not start a subscription
  • The app i automatically added to SuperOffice CRM
  • Next time you log in to SuperOffice CRM Online, the SuperOffice navigator button and web panels will be available and ready to use
  • This app is priced at SEK 50 per user per month
  • Management View is a addition that costs SEK 40 per user and month
  • Payment is made by invoice, with a 12-month subscription in advance
  • You agree to our general privacy terms on this page: i-Centrum Privacy
  • Active account for SuperOffice Online*

  • License covering the Sales User Plan.

 *Salesboard is also offered to customers who run SuperOffice on their own server, then a installation cost of SEK 5 600 will be added.

  • i-Centrum will store information about your SuperOffice online account to be able to send an invoice.
  • We will store the SuperOffice user_id for each user that uses the app.