Sharepoint integration

With i-Centrum’s Sharepoint integration you can integrate SuperOffice with the rest of the organization. We have a reflection of documents from Sharepoint directly to Companies / Sales / Projects in SuperOffice. This means that you can create / edit documents in Sharepoint directly from SuperOffice. It is also possible to create sharepoint surfaces automatically when for example, you create a sale or project. We can also automatically create a folder structure to facilitate the administrative work for example if we create a project in SuperOffice the folders are created for Finance, Resources, Agreements, Logistics, etc. so that you are ready to start working immediately.

It is also possible to customize the solution to your needs for example that all documents must be in SuperOffice while a sale is open but when it is set as “sold” all documents must be transferred and managed further in Sharepoint.

Key features

  • Sharepoint

  • Folder structure
  • Document

Make Sharepoint documents available in SuperOffice